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Associate Professor  Paulin BANGUTI RUHATO

Short  Bio
With over two decades in anesthesia, I’ve authored 40+ papers in esteemed international journals. Holding an Mmed in Anesthesia and Critical Care, I pursued fellowships in Cardiac Anesthesia and Cardiac Perioperative Medicine, specializing in Pediatric and Adult Cardiac Critical Care. This academic journey led to a tenured professorship. Currently, as the project manager, I’m dedicated to transforming King Faisal Hospital into an independent university, focusing on delivering outstanding medical education. My passion lies in advancing medical knowledge, and I am committed to shaping the future of healthcare through education and innovative initiatives in the field of anesthesia and critical care.

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Degrees :

Beyond Mmed in Anesthesia and Critical Care, I joined fellowship of Cardiac Anesthesia and Cardiac perioperative Medicine including Cardiac Critical Care for Peadiatric and Adults. This took me into academic journey as tenure to professorship.
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King Faisal Hospital – Rwanda

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